Karen Hartnell

Hi my name is Karen Hartnell and I’m happy to say that I am a born and breed

Martinborough girl. My husband, myself and our three children have all attended Martinborough School and I can’t wait for our granddaughter to start here next year.

Education has always been very important to me. When my children were younger I trained and become a Play Centre Supervisor for 10 years, then moved onto Teacher Aide training, working here in our school for many years and then trained to become a teacher. I have now been teaching for over 20
years, 12 of which have been at Martinborough School. I have taught in every level of the school and am now thoroughly enjoying my role of being the SENCO teacher.

I absolutely love this community and would not want to be working anywhere else. Teaching can’t be any better when you work with a great team and an amazing group of children.

Contact: karen.hartnell@martinborough.school.nz