The Board of Trustees (BoT) are elected parent representatives who set the strategic direction of the school and who are responsible for the student achievement.  Our BoT meet regularly, to find out when the next meeting is please telephone the school office 3069602 or check our website  These are public meetings and we welcome our parent community to attend.  The current BoT and their key responsibilities:

Kirsty Shepherd


John Kirkup


Tess Munroe


Craig Nelson


Mark Guscott


Grant Plumbley

Health & Safety

Rachel Griffiths

Community Representative

Megan Pentecost

Staff Representative

Kia Ora Koutou Katoa

I’m Kirsty Shepherd, I’m the Chair of the Board of Trustees and it’s an honour and a pleasure to be here to recognise your achievements and celebrate with you today.

I’ve been thinking about education, about school, and what we’re trying to achieve here.

Is it teaching?   Is it learning?

The questions taxing educators around the globe are:

How do we educate our children to take their place in the economies of the 21st Century?
How do we educate our children so they have a sense of cultural identity in our community?

At Martinborough School, we think the answer to these questions is –


But what does that mean?

One way to answer that is: How you do things, your attitude and your character and values, matter more to your success in life than the actual job you do. We can leave a bigger mark on planet earth when we think more about who we’re becoming and how we live, rather than the job we have or how much we earn.

At Martinborough School, we are growing good people. People who embody our SPIRIT values.  We believe these values are at the heart of the SPIRIT of our community, and the SPIRIT of our school.

What that means to us is;

Constantly STRIVING for greater things, to improve ourselves,
Being relentlessly POSITIVE,
Working towards INDEPENDENCE in learning, and in life,
RESPECTING ourselves, each other, and our environment,
Constantly INNOVATING for change,
And accepting others for who they are and showing TOLERANCE in our views and our relationships.

These values are the spirit of our community and the culture and spirit of Martinborough School. Learners who embody these values, who know what it means to show respect, they’ll go on to become good global citizens -

- who know what it looks like to take control of their own learning as empowered learners,
- who’re given permission to try things differently, to make mistakes and experience trial and error.

This is how we all learn.  This is how innovation works and grows.

I asked some critical friends what the topic of my speech today should be – and one said “How good the teachers are!” And So I’m going to tell you just how good our teachers are.

The thing that makes a teacher great is not knowledge, it’s being able to engage people, make them curious and excited, to fire up their imaginations.

Teaching is a profession!  It is a profession that requires artistry, skill and judgment.  Teachers this year have been striking for recognition of their professional capacity,

- for recognition of the glaring need for resource in our schools;
for recognition of the hours and hours and hours they work for us, and for our children.

To our teachers and teacher aides – I want to say WE VALUE YOU. We value your commitment...Your passion... Your professionalism... Your positivity... Your tolerance, And I value your good humour.  Thank you for working so hard for all of our children.

Leaders have a special role in schools and in education. We charge them with setting a path, forming the vision and then stepping back and allowing people to try, to innovate, to fail, and to learn along the way. Good leaders guide and listen, like good people they have substance over style, and they show and expect, respect.

We are lucky to have a leader who values those who work alongside him, and trusts in the abilities of his team. He works tirelessly for the vision of our school and the betterment of our community.

I congratulate and thank you Mr Nelson for challenging and learning alongside us, for caring about what happens to our children and for your passion and commitment to Martinborough School.

To the year 8 leavers, this is a big moment in your young lives. One of those rare periods when you have time to reflect, to plan and to dream. Whatever your plan, you are probably feeling a range of emotions – excited, nervous, uncertain…

As you move on to the next stage of your education, I have some advice to share with you based on the spirit values:

- STRIVE  for something bigger than yourself.
- Be the most hopeful, POSITIVE person in the room.
- Do the small things really well.
- Embrace responsibility, don’t duck it.
- Work for a cause.
- Be passionate about issues.
- Have an opinion.
- The person with the most hope in the room is the person with the most influence.
- Hope brings creativity and optimism. It’s what good people convey all the time, especially under pressure.
- Be nice to people. Others notice your attitude and demeanour.
- They notice how you RESPECT and treat other people.
- This is how good people make a difference, take risks and win big.
- You’ll find it easier to live with yourself knowing that you tried, rather than wishing you had.

I guess the message I want to convey today is that it’s how you go about things that matters to your impact and your prospects. Be a good person. The world needs new leaders. If you’re someone who sees opportunities to make a difference, then chances are you can be one of those leaders.

As you move on to High School, know that the big wide world has plenty of smarter people than you and me. What it lacks is enough good people, to fight for the right things in the right way;

- to live and work with passion, commitment, integrity, humility.

Whether it’s in law, agriculture, business or education – we need good people, not just smart people. Whether it’s making a difference in your household, our school, or our community – we need good people, not just smart people.  Being a good person, in whatever career or contribution you choose, will be the greatest success you will enjoy.  Hold on to these SPIRIT values and you will thrive. We wish you the very best with whatever you go on to do. And we look forward to seeing the difference you make.

As we come together to celebrate this school year, I hope you feel that the efforts each of you has invested in your year’s work, sport, behaviour and citizenship have been rewarded and you are proud of your achievements. We are proud of you. 

Thank you very much.