Julie Sutherland

Deputy Principal

Martinborough School is an amazing school to work at and be part of the team.  I enjoy getting to know all of the children, their parents and families too, as well as all of the wonderful staff we have here.  I love my job and being part of such a great community of learning, especially the lastest Professional development we are working on, the Science of Reading and Structured Literacy, as reading and writing are passions of mine! Implementing this into the classroom has been exciting!

Currently I am the longest serving staff member at Martinborough School. I have taught every year level in some capacity or other; as a classroom teacher or doing extension or support work with groups. This year I have a class of year 2's in Room 3

I love reading and read many different genre of books however probably tend towards crime as a favourite for personal reading.  My favourite movies are probably Rom Coms however after living for years in an all-male household, I have been known to enjoy the action genre too! I love cooking but not baking, love being near the water, whether that be the ocean, lakes or rivers and love the peace and tranquillity of the countryside.

The most interesting places I have been are definitely all of the wonderful places I have seen within our country, a place I am passionate about, which I have extensively explored during my childhood through to now.  Travel however has certainly been more of a challenge with restrictions due to Covid over the last 2 years, but many people have rediscovered our country and all the amazing places we have here including the Wairarapa!

My passion is for my family, my husband, Ken my 3 sons, Nick, Jordan and Kristopher their lovely partners, Kerry, Sarah and Chloe  and my wonderful grand-daughters Kendyll, Bindi and Elsie as well as my amazing young grandson Lachlan who lives down in Christchurch, all of whom I treasure and enjoy. 

Contact: julie.sutherland@martinborough.school.nz