Our Vision

into the Future

The mission statement succinctly describes what we do at
Martinborough School

L Leadership

E Excellence

A Achievement

R Respect

N Nurture

I Integrity

N Nature

G Growth

Future Focused
in a connected

The vision describes what we want for the students at our school. It states what we want our students to be, to know and to be able to do by the time they leave our school.


Indicators that ‘Our Team’ is living our Vision…




Our Learning

Show evidence of growth – academically, socially, culturally and physically

All students can state set goals, know next steps, evaluate progress in effort and outcome.

‘PROBE 3A – Connected to the world through Learn, Create, Share.

Our Teaching

All teachers are connected, seeking independent growth and knowledge in a Future Focused way.

Evidence of the implementation of effective teaching and learning.

Teachers can identify students’ needs through a digital platform. Teachers can justify strategies used and monitoring methods.

Our People

All staff are working towards identified goals actively.We, as staff of MBS, are invitational and accessible.

All staff can state ‘stretch’ goals, next steps and evaluate progress in effort and outcome.

‘Teacher Workplace Survey’ (NZCER) or PROBE 3A.

Our Environment

Pride in our school environment is evident.We have well maintained, tidy, orderly, equipment and classrooms. Our school has visual evidence of what we do and who we are – STEAM, LEARNING, Future Focuses,  are visual. First impression focus – new targeted signage, logo etc. We are immersed in what we believe.

Our Community

Parents are involved with the  achievement of their children. Parents and community share and display our Vision and Values. Demonstrate engagement through support of Future Focuses vision and positive involvement.

Martinborough School Curriculum Design 2015 onwards

Martinborough School has reviewed the previous annual curriculum documents and designed this document for 2015 onwards. This is to meet the changing and diverse needs of the students and to link in our values and curriculum into our vision.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Martinborough School Curriculum is to ensure we embody the Principles of the NZ Curriculum;

  • High Expectations
  • Treaty of Waitangi
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Inclusion and Coherence
  • Learning to Learn
  • Community Engagement
  • Future Focus

“The students should be at the centre of teaching and learning, asserting that they should experience a curriculum that engages and challenges them, is forward-looking and inclusive, and affirms NZ unique identity. “

(NZ Curriculum, 2007:Page 9)

Our Vision

The NZC vision of education for young people is to develop them into confident, connected, actively and involved and lifelong learners.

Martinborough School has personalised this vision as; “ Future Focussed LEARNING in a connected community” – Here LEARNING stands for: Leadership, Excellence, Achievement, Respect, Nature, Integrity, Nurture, Growth.

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