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Martinborough School is a full primary school catering for students in Years 1 to 8. It is located centrally within the widespread community. The positive school tone and culture make for a productive teaching and learning environment. The grounds are attractive, extensive and well maintained. Two new classrooms are to be provided by the Ministry of Education as a result of roll growth. There are currently 234 students enrolled, 28% of whom identify as Māori.  

The board of trustees and the newly appointed principal have led a thorough review of the vision and values that underpin the strategic direction, school systems and classroom programmes. New initiatives in teaching practice, assessment and appraisal were introduced from the start of the 2013 school year.  

Classrooms have been refurbished and upgraded, and the board has continued to invest in information and communication technologies. Student wellbeing and learning is well supported by school and local community initiatives. 

How effectively does this school’s curriculum promote and support student learning?  

The school has reviewed and redeveloped its broad, comprehensive, skills-based curriculum. This document effectively integrates values, key competencies and learning areas set in relevant local contexts. There are clear expectations for planning, achievement and assessment for engaging students in their learning. The curriculum document provides detailed guidance to teachers in meeting the needs of students at syndicate and classroom level.  

Leaders and teachers have high expectations for students’ involvement, learning and behaviour. Positive, affirming relationships and attractive learning environments promote settled classes where students are on task and enjoy their learning. Students have many opportunities to achieve and celebrate success in a wide range of sporting and cultural activities and events and, in the senior school, to develop their leadership skills.  

 How well placed is the school to sustain and improve its performance?  

The school is well placed to sustain and improve its performance. Factors influencing this include:  

  • a committed, enthusiastic and effectively led board of trustees, which has consulted widely with the community to develop the school’s strategic plan 
  • a clear vision translated into strategic goals and high expectations for improving learner progress and achievement 
  • effective leadership from the principal supported by a restructured leadership team 
  • a new coaching and mentoring system to enhance staff development 
  • the positive and affirming school culture that is welcoming and inclusive  
  • high levels of parent support and participation in school activities and events  
  • a growing culture of reflective practice amongst teachers to improve student progress and achievement. 

(Above excerpt taken from our 2013 ERO Review)



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