Our Assessment


At Martinborough School, our school wide assessment is recorded on E-tap, according to the Assessment Schedule in the MBS Curriculum Folder.

The levels entered are taken at where the student is working at / instructional.

Assessments against National Standards are based on OTJs.

PATs (Reading Comprehension and Maths) are conducted twice a year, in Term 1 and Term 4, and entered into E-tap with Raw Score and Stanine.

All assessment data should be communicated clearly to parents and students so learning goals are transparent.

An assessment is not to be used in isolation as the only indicator of achievement, but rather as a contributing factor to understanding student’s ability.


GloSS maths testing (global stage) are to be tested each term per the assessment schedule,  and GloSS prop/ratio, add/sub and mult/div are to be tested on/off throughout the year.

Basic facts are to be tested once a term, using the Martinborough Basic Facts Test – timed for 5 minutes. The Basic Facts Stage Test is done for teaching/differentiation purposes.


Reading ages (running records and Probe) are to be done a minimum of once per term – (more for the junior levels which change more frequently.) See attached sheet for test expectations.

Writing PILOT is to be entered once per term – and is based on a sample and overall teacher judgements (OTJs).

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