Board Chairperson's Speech December 2016

Speech to Martinborough School Prizegiving 2016 by Kirsty Shepherd, Chairperson, Board of Trustees.

Speech to 2016 Prizegiving Celebration at Martinborough School

Kia Ora Koutou Katoa.

I’m Kirsty Shepherd.

I’m the Chair of the Board of Trustees.

Mr Nelson here, he’s the Principal.

John Fletcher looks after the school grounds.

Mrs Hartnell teaches new entrants.

You, ladies and gentlemen, are parents and grandparents. Cheerleaders.

And you are students. Learners.


I’ve been thinking about what it means to be part of a team.

A team has a collective character. It means we’re all on the same side, working together to the same goals and ends. When you’re on a team, each person has a role, each person has a position, each person has a responsibility.

A team needs leaders who motivate, have vision, and can be taken at their word. When you’re on a team you trust the leader to listen and build on the opinions and ideas of others, and turn the vision into every day action. We are lucky that on this team we have a leader who has the enthusiasm and commitment to lead our team and live the school’s vision every day.

When you’re on a team, you act like a team player. Members of this team have a willingness to serve the needs of others and they are team players. Being a team player motivates others, and on our team, that means expectations and standards are constantly raised.

Our teachers are essential on this team. Teachers can’t just be teachers any more. We ask so much more of them and expect that, as part of our team, they will coach our children, nurture them, put plasters on their knees, dry their tears, and encourage them back to their task or onto the field to play.

We could not ask for any more from this team of teachers.

When you’re on a team you are dedicated to its cause. Our teachers and teacher aides are dedicated to the children of Martinborough School. I would like to personally thank you ALL for your dedication to the vision and the team, for your enthusiasm and commitment, for your patience and your good humour. The hours and hours you put in outside the classroom contribute to the success of our children in all fields. And the growth in academic achievement results this year speaks not only to your hard work and professionalism, but your team work.

At Martinborough School we ask our students to think for themselves and take responsibility for their own learning. In doing so, our team fosters a sense of independence in its members. We set high standards and have created a culture of curiosity, innovation, and continuous improvement in this learning environment. Everyone on this team gets better at what they do every day.

That’s what we stand for … here … at Martinborough School!

We value our partnerships with Whanau and parents, and the family feel of our school. We want the best for your children and we need your help to cheer them on. The reason our team works well is because you support our vision for your children.

When you’re on a team, you are a united force. For our team to achieve, we all have to move in the same direction. This is the essence of our team; working hard for each other, in harmony, to achieve our vision. That purpose is the education of our children. We ALL have a part to play and we’re ALL on the same team.

To the Year 8 Graduates,

Tangata akona ki te Kainga

Tungia ki te marae, tau ana

‘A person who is taught at home, will stand with confidence in the community”.

You have been part of this team for a long time. We are proud of you, and thank you for the contribution you have made to school life. You have been great team players. And you can move on to high school with the values of learning and respect which you have adopted and embodied at Martinborough School, and stand with confidence in our community.

When you’re on a team, you work for each other, to realise a shared goal.

You’re on the team. Our leaders are on the team. Our teachers are on the team. Our Board is on the team. YOU are on this team. And when we’re all on the same team, working towards the same goals, our children and our school are going to be successful.

I feel privileged to be the Chairperson of the Board at Martinborough School and I’m looking forward to being part of this team next year.

Thank you very much.

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