“Future Focused LEARNING in a Connected Community”


Welcome back everyone. As stated above, our vision statement shows our intention and is the key to students being successful at Martinborough School. Our focus is on the future with the way in which we teach, the way the children learn and in the development of the skills our children will need to be successful in life. We also have a major goal of involving our community in the support of our children in their learning. Staff and children alike are heavily involved in learning new skills with new digital tools to make their class work engaging, motivating and challenging. 

Please feel free to pop in and say hello to your child’s teacher, see the sorts of activities the students are involved in and find out how you can be actively involved in your child’s learning. Welcome to all of our new families to Martinborough School, it is wonderful to have you all on board.

There continues to be a definite focus on ‘How’ teaching and learning happens, to get the best out of our staff and students. We have identified a set of skills we would like all of our students to be adept at by the time they leave us at the end of Year 8.  Most of these identified skills are able to be transferred across a range of contexts, and require the students to question and think for themselves. Learning how to apply the skills to everyday tasks and situations is an important part of our programme. Have a chat to your child’s teacher about the skills, and how they are woven into the daily programme.   

Talk to you soon


Craig Nelson

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